A downloadable short story / game for macOS

A Myst-inspired short story about a little girl with a big imagination, and her grandfather, who authors entire worlds.

2016-01-17: This is neither a complete project, nor does it have:

- an ending

- a storyline to end

- any puzzles

It does, however, feature:

- some neat worlds to link to

- well documented, robust, and open-sourced C# code

- a text-adventure-ish text command system, (so you can get lamp)

- Myst-reminiscent mouse cursors (for pulling levers and picking up blue pages)

- some other clever programming things




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No offense but the mouse navigation is too spastic to enjoy this game.

Where is the exe? How do I start the game? It should be pointed out which platforms this game is for.


Warning! This looks more interesting than it is! I should know, I made it.

Wait a week or so, come back, it will be nicer then.